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Booking and Cancellation Policy

A down payment of 50% of the total Charter price is required for any booking. The balance is due upon arrival. A cancellation fee of 20% of the total charter price is payable for any cancellation more than 2 weeks prior to your start date, with the full deposit being forfeited within 2 weeks of your start date. Payment can be made by credit card (visa or m/c) or cheque.

Fueling, Pump Out and Cleaning

Please top up the fuel and pump out the boat upon your return to the Harbour. A seasonal pump out pass is provided, however you are responsible to pay for your own fuel. In addition we ask that you clean all dishes, pots and pans, cutlery and the BBQ before returning the boat. We will clean the interior and the deck.

Bareboat Sailing Qualifications: We look for experienced sailors that have either owned or chartered a keelboat in the past, have knowledge of chart reading, rules on the water, aids to navigation, VHF Marine Radio operation.

 All boaters from Canada are now required to carry a Pleasure Craft Operators Card, so please ensure you have one and bring it along on your charter. Non-residents may demonstrate proof of competency by providing proof of competency from their own country or by completing a Rental Boat Safety Check List. This checklist will be provided by Ahoy Rentals and will be reviewed with you when we do the check out of the boat at the start of your charter.

Once you have completed the “Sailing Resume” and we have determined that you have sufficient experience, we will confirm availability.


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Please complete the form below, once we have reviewed it and determined that you have sufficient experience to charter one of our boats we will contact you for availability and secure a deposit. You can sign the form when we meet for the boat checkout.





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In my opinion I am sufficiently qualified and competent to skipper a bareboat. I am an experienced boater with practical knowledge of piloting. I understand that Ahoy Rentals Ltd. reserves the right of final evaluation of my competency at the time of onboard checkout.
I will not allow anyone not qualified by Ahoy Rentals Ltd. to skipper the Yacht.

I agree to these terms and conditions. Dated: 2021-05-14 * required


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I wish to thank the staff of Ahoy Rentals for excellent service they have provided to our group for several years now.

We usually charter a sailboat in the early summer and have always been highly satisfied with the equipment, the cleanliness, the sailing gear, and the prompt response via email to all questions that we have.

As long as the service stays at the ...

By: Darko Dizbar

I have been chartering sailboats from "Ahoy Rentals" with my family and friends since 2010, and as a matter of fact, we sailed and enjoyed all the available boats! I must say that my experience with this company was only positive and especially I would like to emphasize high level of professionalism and amazingly friendly service of Andrew Kelm and his entire team!...

By: Igor Gamayunov and his crew!

Ahoy Rentals well maintained sail boats coupled with some of Canadas best fresh water sailing minutes away has brought us back 8 summers in a row.

By: Chris and Agata Jones, Don Mills Ontario